Beneficios: Facilitates correct mounting on shaft, housing and blind applications; The diameter of the impact ring precisely fits the inner and outer diameter of the bearing; Impact rings and sleeves are made of high impact resistant material for longevity and are also suitable for use under a press; Impact rings are marked for clear visual identification of the ring’s size and easy selection; The nylon double-side head of the dead-blow hammer helps to prevent damaging the components; All items packed in a strong, lightweight toolcase with comprehensive instructions and appicable bearing selection chart
Descripción larga: The TMFT 36 facilitates the mounting of different bearings with bore diameters from 10 – 55 mm (0.39 – 2.17 in). The right combination of impact ring and sleeve allows effective transmission of mounting force to the bearing ring with the interference fit, minimising the risk of damaging the bearing’s raceways or rolling elements. The TMFT 36 is also suitable for mounting other components such as bushings, seals and pulleys.
Código del paquete: PK12 Single package
Peso bruto del paquete: 4.734 kg
Altura del paquete: 120 mm
Longitud del paquete: 530 mm
Ancho del paquete: 370 mm
Volumen del paquete: 23.532 dm³
Peso neto del producto: 4.454 kg
Productos por paquete: 1
Código UNSPSC: 27-11-32-02
Código eClass: 23-05-19-01
Dimensiones del paquete (l x an x al): 530 x 110 x 360 mm
Aro de impacto – Rango de diámetro del agujero: 10 – 55 mm
Martillo: TMFT 36-H, peso 0,9 kg
Manguitos: longitud máx. del eje: Manguito A: 220 mm; Manguito B: 220 mm; Manguito C: 225 mm
Cantidad de aros: 36
Cantidad de manguitos: 3
Aro de impacto – Rango de diámetro exterior: 26 – 120 mm
Peso total: 4.4 kg

Peso 4,06 kg


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