Beneficios: Comprehensive assortment for many applications; Easy to fit and remove; Close tolerances for accurate adjustments; Thickness and size are clearly marked on the shim and in the case; Shim kit can be refilled with shim packs
Descripción larga: SKF Machinery Shims are used to easily and reliably adjust the height of a machine. This assortment of high quality metric shims allows accurate and long lasting height adjustments of a very wide range of machines. SKF Machinery Shims help technicians to save time and support the reliable operation of their machine.
Código del paquete: PK12 Single package
Peso bruto del paquete: 9.25 kg
Altura del paquete: 120 mm
Longitud del paquete: 530 mm
Ancho del paquete: 370 mm
Volumen del paquete: 23.532 dm³
Peso neto del producto: 8.95 kg
Productos por paquete: 1
Código UNSPSC: 27-11-32-02
Código eClass: 23-05-19-01
Contenido: 100 x 100 mm: 0,05 mm, 0,10 mm, 0,20 mm, 0,25 mm, 0,40 mm, 0,50 mm, 0,70 mm, 1,00 mm cada 20 piezas. 2,00 mm 10 piezas.
Material: Acero inoxidable 304S31
Cantidad_9: 170
Maletín de transporte: Se suministra en un maletín de transporte azul SKF.
Paquetes de chapas calibradas para recarga: TMAS 100-005;TMAS 100-010;TMAS 100-020;TMAS 100-025;TMAS 100-040;TMAS 100-050;TMAS 100-070;TMAS 100-100;TMAS 100-200


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