Beneficios: Easily separator placement between bearing and shoulder on the shaft; Spring-loaded centre point of spindle allows easy puller centring and minimises the risk of shaft damage; Hydraulic spindle with safety valve for safe and effortless dismounting; Firm grip behind the bearing’s inner ring reduces the force required to dismount the bearing; Quick adaptation to required pulling length with 2x hydraulic spindle extension pieces and extension rods for pullings lengths up to 816 mm (32.1 in.)
Descripción larga: The SKF TMBS 100E strong back puller facilitates dismounting of bearings in applications where the use of traditional jaw pullers is restricted due to lack of space or when the application requires a long reach. The puller is operated with a hydraulic spindle for effortless dismounting up to 100 kN (11.2 US ton). A special separator design is used that can be easily inserted between the bearing and the shoulder on the shaft.
Código del paquete: PK12 Single package
Peso bruto del paquete: 14.485 kg
Altura del paquete: 80 mm
Longitud del paquete: 650 mm
Ancho del paquete: 420 mm
Volumen del paquete: 21.84 dm³
Peso neto del producto: 14.2 kg
Productos por paquete: 1
Código UNSPSC: 27-11-17-12
Código eClass: 23-05-19-01
Dimensiones del paquete (l x an x al): 580 x 410 x 70 mm
Contenido: 1 juego de separadores; 2 varillas principales; 2 varillas de extensión de 125 mm; 4 varillas de extensión de 285 mm; 1 viga; 1 husillo hidráulico (TMHS 100); 2 piezas de extensión para el husillo hidráulico con 50 y 100 mm; 1 boquilla con punto central para el husillo hidráulico;
Alcance máximo del extractor de cuchillas: 120-816 mm
Rango de diámetro del eje del extractor de cuchillas: 20-100 mm
Carrera máxima: 80 mm
Fuerza de trabajo nominal: 100 kN
Rosca: 1 1/2 in. – 16 UN
Peso total: 13.5 kg

Peso 14,2 kg


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