Beneficios: Cone system for automatic centring and secure positioning of arms; Strong springs keep arms apart for easy operation; Hardned, high quality carbon steel
Descripción larga: One of the most common ways to dismount small to medium size bearings is to use a mechanical puller. The SKF TMMP 3X185 is a three arm puller for small to medium sized bearings. It helps the user to safeguard against damage to the bearing or to the bearing seating during dismounting. The SKF Standard Jaw Pullers TMMP series allow for easy and fast dismouting jobs and safe puller operation.
Código del paquete: PK12 Single package
Peso bruto del paquete: 3.025 kg
Altura del paquete: 108 mm
Longitud del paquete: 270 mm
Ancho del paquete: 110 mm
Volumen del paquete: 3.208 dm³
Peso neto del producto: 3.025 kg
Productos por paquete: 1
Código UNSPSC: 27-11-17-12
Código eClass: 23-05-19-01
Altura de la garra: 135 mm
Longitud efectiva del brazo: 135 mm
Fuerza máxima de extracción: 24 kN
Número de brazos: 3
Peso del producto: 2.9 kg
Ancho de agarre externo, mínimo: 40 mm

Peso 3,025 kg


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