Beneficios: Portable, lightweight, compact and robust; Smart and innovative bearing heating technology; No support yokes required; Autmatic temperature control; Detection of bearing size and automatic heating adjustment
Descripción larga: The SKF TWIM 15/110V is a portable and robust induction heater that is designed for safe bearing heating for hot mounting. This compact heater is especially suitable for usage in the field, yet it is compact and versatile for usage on workbenches. The heater utilizes a smart construction and operating software to optimise the bearing heating safety and speed for bearings weighing up to 20 kg. The heater has different power modes to support heating of sensitive bearings (e.g. with reduced clearance) and non-bearing components.
Código del paquete: PK12 Single package
Peso bruto del paquete: 7.77 kg
Altura del paquete: 135 mm
Longitud del paquete: 460 mm
Ancho del paquete: 460 mm
Volumen del paquete: 28.566 dm³
Peso neto del producto: 6.86 kg
Productos por paquete: 1
Código UNSPSC: 27-11-32-02
Código eClass: 23-05-19-01
Dimensiones del producto: 450 x 500 x 100 mm
Desmagnetización según normas SKF: Does not magnetise
Consumo máximo de energía: 2.3 kV·A
Diámetro exterior máximo del rodamiento: 320 mm
Ancho máximo del rodamiento: 85 mm
Diámetro mínimo del agujero del rodamiento: 20 mm
Peso total: 6.6 kg
Tensión: 230 V 50 Hz


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